Diplomatic Transportation in Reykjavik Iceland

Secure transportation team has pioneered diplomatic transportation solutions and support projects on behalf of exceptional individuals for over a decade. ICELIMO Luxury Transportation service duty is to analyze every project and study each of the customers’ requests to find the best solution to it within hours.


An agent will be assigned to service you as your single point of contact from contract making until the conclusion of the project.

The agent will prepare a custom made report prior to onsite inspection with details to maximize efficiency. Including assessment and details for airport – hotel – venue – vehicles – operatives – route – medical facilities. Also, preparation of route survey, visual inspection and experienced input options to create strategy planning.

In addition, the agent will present you with detailed background report of the operatives involved in the project. If necessary, we can provide you with translation and interpreter services in English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Arabic.


Upon each project request, a diplomatic protocol service is conducted by our specialized, experienced team elite group named  Secure Transportation.

Our key to success is continued training and learning from the industry leaders to be ready for the day our affiliates need us to deliver. Our protocol ensures that all entities receive unbiased and respectful treatment through formal modes of speech, dress and action.

All team members are English speaking, trained in close protection operations, certified and in continues training to maintain the highest standard of service.


Our fleet consists of specialized vehicles matching its purpose to optimize customer experience while complying with the industry global standards.

All chauffeured vehicles in our fleet are 2016 model which are renewed every 3 years and go through security and maintenance check for every project. The amenities included in each car are premium bottled water, umbrella, rain coats, high speed internet and multi chargers for mobile phones.

Our brand of choice is Mercedes E- Class, Mercedes S Class S500 hybrid, Mercedes V class L, Mercedes Sprinter Executive and Chevrolet Suburban Ltz.


  • 01

    Luxury Sedan

    Mercedes E Class or Cadillac XTS  

    Good choice for up to 3 passengers in luxury with good  luggage capacity.

  • 02

    Executive Sedan

    Mercedes S500 Plugin Hybrid L Amg.  

    Good choice for up to 2 passengers in ultimate luxury medium luggage capacity.

  • 03

    Luxury 4x4 SUV

     Chevrolet Suburban LTZ 


    Good choice for up to 6 passengers in comfort with large luggage capacity.

  • 04


    Mercedes V class L

    Good choice for up to 6 passengers in comfort with large luggage capacity.

  • 05


    Mercedes Sprinter VIP 

    Good choice for up to 13 passengers in comfort with large luggage capacity.


Specialized service providing reliable customized ground transportation services for corporate and association meetings. Agent will be assigned to service you from point of contract making until conclusion of project and will operate route survey if needed and provide experienced input based options to create strategy planning based on real time facts. Operational Management and support. We Provide Equipment Aids (Greeting Service, Radios, Wheelchair).









“Having pioneered unforgettable trips on behalf of exceptional individuals, we now bring you a honed couture of travel experiences, crafted with flair and finesse entirely around your dreams.Our team includes individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise sharing all the same passion creating inspiring moments.”

Ómar Djermoun CEO


Icelimo Luxury Travel is a family owned Boutique Private travel experience company & Pioneers of Luxury Transportation in Iceland since 1998

We are a small company by choice focusing on genuine life experiences sharing the natural beauty that Iceland has to offer to our growing family of customers. The Icelimo Luxury Travel team includes individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise sharing all the same passion creating inspiring moments in our beautiful country named Iceland.




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Diplomatic transportation solutions and support services with the highest level of professionalism in Iceland.

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    Pioneers in the field of Luxury transportation in Iceland Since 1998.